Snowmobile tour around Kamchatka peninsula
3−10 March 2019
There are approximately more than 15 millions kilometeres of wild unexplored land in Russia — more than anywhere in the world! Kamchatka peninsula is one of them, the place that leaves a trace in everyone's heart. I have visited 50 countries of the world, have been to 5 continents but I have never seen anything like Kamchatka. There is uncountable amount of volcanoes there, though it's definitely more than a hundred. Even while flying through the peninsula you would see high peaks of Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes, that are still active. Also you will find the biggest volcano of Eurasia here — Klyuchevskaya Sopka, a very active volcano having erupted 4 times in the past 10 years. To add up, Kamchatka is famous for diverse fauna, local specialities, parks with hot springs and breathtaking views.

This time I am offering a very special tour. It is going to be week-long adventure: we will cover more than 250 km of wild snowy lands on snowmobiles (you will be riding yourself!) We will walk along the volcano black sand beaches by the Pacific, dip in hot springs of Nalychevskaya valley and climb up to the peak of Gorely volcano. Scroll down to check on details of the tour, that can become the adventure of your lifetime!

Tour agenda:
3 March
3 March
Arrival. First impressions of Kamchatka: sled dogs kennel and hot springs.
Arrival at Elizovo airport, check in at the hotel, short group introduction, and we are off to the sled dogs kennel. You will ride a sled yourself, also get acquainted with ethnographics of the peninsula. Dinner is a local speciality — reindeer meat broth. Then we will travel to the hot springs and come back to the hotel to have a rest.
4 March
4 March
Snowmobile ride to Avachinsky volcano and sightseeing at Verblyud ('Camel') mountain
The second day includes the first long snowmobile trip. In the morning we check out from the hotel, drive to the starting point and after a brief introduction of safety rules we will set off on the snowmobiles to the hotel and further on. The ride is along Sukhaya river right to the volcanoes — Avachinsky and Koryaksky. At the altitude of 900 m we will stop for some warming beverages. Further we will set off to the Camel mountain — natural viewpoint at the Avachinsky pass, between the two volcanoes. The sight is amazing — from one side it is Mutnovsky, Gorely and Vilyuchinsky volcanoes, from the other it is panoramic view of Nalychevskaya valley.

The length of the trip — 15 km by car, 25 km by snowmobile.

5 March
5 March
Snowmobile tour to the Pacific coast and 'Three brothers rocks'
The snowmobile track goes along the small picturesque harbours of Avachinsky gulf to the local memorial — 'Three brothers rocks'. We will reach the final point of the harbour — Mayachny cape where the first lighthouse of the peninsula is located. Later on we will walk along black sand beach, get to the Pacific viewpoints, looking of the harbour and the volcanoes.

The length of the trip — 35 km on the snowmobiles, 20 km by car

6 March
6 March
Two-day trip to Nalychevskaya valley. Day one.
The first part of the day will be snowmobile ride. By lunchtime we will reach Nalychevskaya valley — cosy valley protected from the winds by mountain chains; the place has more than 200 hot springs. We will walk to some of them during the first day (Goryacherechensky and Zheltorechensky). Before the trip to the springs we will check in winter cottages and have lunch.

The length of the trip — 40 km on snowmobile, 25 km by car.

7 March
7 March
Two-day trip to Nalychevskaya valley. Day two.
Right after breakfast we will set off to more hot springs. Then we will visit Aags cold springs — the sources of cold mineral water. The water is enriched with carbon dioxide and iron (the content is close to Caucasus mineral water)

The length of the trip — 50 km on snowmobiles, 25 km by car

8 March
8 March
Free time. Excursions on demand.

This day is all to you — choose your own Kamchatka adventure. We offer:

  1. Helicopter tour to natural memorial — caldera of Ksudach volcano and Mutnovsky and Gorely craters, then a swim in Khodutkinsky hot springs.
  2. Ice fishing for candle fish and char fish
  3. Visiting ski resort 'Moroznaya' and museum of volcanology 'Vulkanarium'

9 March
9 March
Snowmobile trip to Gorely volcano and Vilyuchinsky pass.
During the trip you will see kilometres of snowy landscapes, white forests, frozen rivers. We will visit the viewpoint of Vilyuchinsky pass, see the snow-covered peaks of Gorely, Vilyuchinsky and Mutnovsky volcanoes. The weather be good we will get to the crater of Gorely at the altitude of 1800 m.

The length of the trip — 10 km by car, 10 km on snowmobiles.

10 March
10 March
Before leaving we will visit the fish market. Transfer to the airport is included.

Kamchatka will miss you!

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Jeeps and snowmobiles.
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Experienced guides
Snowmobile riding safety instruction.
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Warm hats, snow masks, boots.
Flight tickets search assistance
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